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Looking for iPad magazines you can download straight to your iPad? well look no further! We have a great selection of magazines perfectly suited for your super awesome iPad, and it's about time you took proper advantage of the great magazines that are now available to download and subscribe to. The iPad is currently one of the most popular tablets on the market. With its endless capabilities, portability and dropping price, more people than ever before own them. Check out some of the best magazines for iPad. Now you can even subscribe to a digital magazine that downloads directly onto your iPad!

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From Ride BMX to Simply Knitting, Saveur to Decanter, The Hollywood Reporter to PC World; all are within reach with your iPad. You'll be entertained, informed, awestruck and satisfied with any or all of our digital magazine subscriptions. You can even find iPad compatible magazines about the iPad! User guides, news reports, celebrity gossip, travel plans, and more are all at your fingertips.

Nearly all of our iPad digital magazine subscriptions are available at discounted rates that bring their costs below the newsstand price. These digital subscriptions are viewable on your PC, Mac, Android and iPad. For most publications, iPod touch and iPhone compatible versions are coming soon! Digital subscriptions often come with extras such as embedded videos, slideshows and access to web content that aren't available to print subscribers. New titles are being added daily, so check back often! Have a look at some of the best magazines for iPad, or if you're skint - how about free magazines for iPad?

It's been a long time coming, but now there are all the main titles we have been asking for now for months. The iPad has finally properly come to fruition with these new digital versions of original printed versions, without the chopping down of as many trees - so do your bit for the environment and order digital magazines for your iPad instead of your coffee table! Update:March 2011: Sales have been going strong over the last few months, thanks for your support. One top iPad magazine is been National Geographic, as well as T3 and Wired magazine which are really showing off the capabilities of reading digital magazines on the iPad. New Scientist is one of the most downloaded, a cracking 52 issue subscription for a bargain, it's a good third cheaper than the printed version and can highly recommend it. These are exciting times for reading magazines, so much more convenient, and with interactive additions to a lot of the magazines it really helps the wow factor. I'm excited, and you should be too, and with new iPad 2 running at twice the speed of the predecessor, it's made reading magazines that much more speedy. Thanks Apple!