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Find iPad Magazines and digital magazines online and download to your favourite device here today. We offer some of the best digital magazine editions for all ages and interests – if you’ve got an iPad you have the best device, select the magazine you want from our site, to be taken direct to the download page where you can get instant access to you favourite magazine – delivered straight to you as soon as it’s released, no more having to go to the shops or having to wait for the postman to arrive, save trees and get the digital editions today. Most of the the the digital editions are the same as the printed versions, but often with more interactive content, something that printed media just can’t offer, by having digital magazines on your iPad you can take all the magazines you want with you all the time, without the hassle, fuss and weight of remembering to pick them up before you go out. With more and more titles being added daily, you’ll be sure to find a digital magazine you want to get today! iPad magazine subscriptions rock!!

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