iPad 2 Car Dashboard Mount -Securely fasten your kit to your car!

iPad 2 Car Dashboard Mount -Securely fasten your kit to your car!The Apple iPad 2 has tons of useful functions including extremely accurate GPS capabilities that make it invaluable for use in the car. The only problem is that is doesn’t hang conveniently on the windshield likeView our range most standard GPS systems. Fear not, there is still hope for using your iPad 2 as a GPS unit! With one of our car holders, your iPad will always be within sight and reach, even while driving. You have quite a few options for mounting a holder in your car. Many are extremely similar to current GPS mounts that can tilt and swivel according to your needs. Others utilize a suction cup that can be used to hang your iPad 2 in the front window, or even on the dashboard on the passenger side. There’s even a lap pillow model that is ideal for keeping your children entertained on those long road trips.

Whether a permanent mount that screws into your dashboard is right for you or the temporary suction cup systems, we’ve got an iPad 2 car holder for you!


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