Android Magazines and Digital Magazine Subscriptions for Android devices

UPDATE: 1st July 2011 – THEY ARE HERE!!
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android magazinesAndroid Magazines and Digital Magazine Subscriptions for Android devices. Old post from May 16th 2011:
Yes they are finally here, well, almost. We’re starting to get the heads up that they are about to get launched, people are nodding their heads our way so we will be making the jump to Android very soon, to complement our iPad magazine selection. By the time we are finished you should be able to download digital magazines to almost all devices.. we’re just waiting on the publishers now. We’ve had a lot of enquiries about Android digital magazines over the last few months, so hopefully we won’t be disappointing you any longer! So far we can say that the Android magazines should be set to work on select Dell Streak, Thunder, Looking Glass and Samsung Galaxy Tabs soon!

Don’t you worry, we’re on the case and more will be appearing soon – we’re just waiting on the publishers to add them to our database so we can get adding the Android Magazines to the site asap. If there is a specific mag you’re looking for please get in touch and we will try and track it down asap!

We predict that Android magazines will become the biggest seller here eventually, the sheer number of tablets and devices currently coming to market is staggering, but it’ll take a while to take down the current massive powers of the mighty Apple!