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the economist android magazineEvery week you can have The Economist delivered directly to your Android device. Never again find yourself without the insights and reportsCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingCheck Digital Magazine Price US Dollar about the current affairs you need to know about. Politics, science, world business, technological advancements, trends and more are covered each week. Its dry wit and precise wording has gained quite a following over the years. In addition to reporting world news under pseudonyms that represent each country (e.g. Banyan = Asia, Bagehot = Britain, Lexington = United States), The Economist on Android also brings readers news about prominent people in the world of business in the Face Value column, an economics column entitled Free Exchange and Game Theory where you can catch up on sports and the “politics, economics, science and statistics of the games we play and watch.”

Educate, entertain and enrich yourself with articles from The Economist for Android such as “Morals and the machine: Teaching robots right from wrong,” “The rise of sea gliders,” “Valuing Facebook,” “The rise of the Sunnis,” “The row over tax breaks for charity,” “China’s surprisingly stable economy” and “Why human lab rats are changing.” Start your digital magazine subscription to The Economist on Android today and save 53% off the newsstand cost!


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