4 Reasons to use Android OS vs iOS

Android Magazine Subscriptions1. Customise the way it the Android looks – Android devices offer you full customisation of the way everything works and looks, rather than on iOS where all you can change is the background image. For instance, if you hate the way the on screen desktop works, then you can just change it and get a new one on an Android!

2. Control it’s behavior. Nope, we don’t mean smacking, we just mean that when you use an Android device you are able to get much further down into ‘root’ level, meaning you can more easily get yourself admin privileges that you would usually have, which can allow you to override all that rubbish ‘bloatware’ you’d find pre-installed on devices and machines these days. It’s even possible to put a full PC sized Linux OS on some Android phones!

3. Design your own way of doing things. You can literally make any app you want without having to go through the hassle of Apple’s app police.. so if you can see something you want made, you can make it with helpful software and get it published asap. Much better. No experience in programming necessary!

4. Much more choice. Android software will be the same on every device, regardless of what actual device is running it, so for instance it could be on your phone or tablet, but also exactly the same software on your toaster or home lighting system. Genius.

Source: August 2011 edition of Stuff Magazine available here.

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