5 Reasons to buy digital magazines over printed magazines

5 Reasons to buy digital magazines over printed magazinesMore and more popular magazines are beginning to offer digital editions that are viewable on your iPad, Android or iPhone. So why should you make the switch from digital magazines to printed magazines? Here are the top 5 reasons why:

1. Go green! As we enter 2012, the push to become more environmentally friendly is stronger than ever. By choosing digital magazines over printed ones, you’ll save some trees and have a clear conscience. We even offer digital magazines that are all about going green and reducing your impact on the Earth such as Mother Earth News.

2. In this “on the go” era we live in, convenience and portability are so important. What could be more convenient and portable than a magazine that goes everywhere you go? Digital magazine subscriptions are viewable on laptops, cell phones, iPads and more.

3. Did you know that by choosing digital magazines over printed magazines you actually get more features? Many digital editions are full of links to more in-depth material, pictures, videos, interactive content and more. For instance, Apple Magazine offers exclusive access to free online samples and digital trailers with their digital subscription.

4. Don’t you hate it when you order a print magazine subscription and it takes months for you to receive your first issue? You don’t have to wait any longer! Purchase a digital magazine subscription and you will immediately have access to your first issue.

5. Due to the increase in digital media, print magazines are actually increasing in price. We could all stand to save some money, and now you can do just that without sacrificing your magazine indulgences. Digital magazine subscriptions are almost always significantly cheaper than buying print editions. In fact, HD Video Pro is available at 63% off the newsstand price!

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