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ipad 2 magazinesAnother year on an I’m still reading magazines on my iPad – albeit as well as on my kindle now. My reading still hasn’t changed since first owning an iPad, I pretty much read as many subscriptions as I did a year ago, my daily reads still include New Scientist, Stuff, T3, National Geographic and a few other titles that I genuinely do read cover to cover each month. Another photography magazine that I read on my iPad but not through the Zinio app is the British Journal of Photography magazine, that is only available as a direct download from the site or iTunes. Well worth a read if youre interested in ‘proper’ photography.

Regarding this site, we’re still selling strong, and have seen a slight shift towards more people finding android devices, but still overwhelming sales are in the favour of the iPad, and with the 13 million sales of iPads in just the last few months it’s hardly surprising. Hopefully as the year rolls our site will continue to be helpful to you, giving you unbiased reviews and summaries of all the most popular magazines on the digital shelves.

We’re always up for hearing from you guys, so if you spot a magazine or category you would like more magazines added to please get in contact. We trawl through the search box results once a week to try and pick up magazines you’re searching for and can’t find – so usually we get those on the site as quickly as we can – in fact that is this morning’s task, getting up to date and adding new magazines.

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