A year on, how the industry has changed!

ipad 2 magazinesSo, the site has been finding you the best choice in digital magazines for almost a year now, and it’s great to see it’s been part of the great reading revolution, not only have more and more people been reading magazines than ever, but reading digital magazines rather than printed magazines you’re helping to not cut down as many trees, and reducing emission costs – which is a great benefit of digital editions of some of these great magazines. One of my favourite things about digital magazines is that you can have almost an unlimited number on you device, it’s great to be sitting on the train with a choice of tens of magazines to read through, and an unlimited number as soon as my 3G connection comes back, I wish I’d had this years ago! Personally, I love them, and definitely think they will be here to stay. It’d be great as ever to hear what magazines you’ve been downloading, we can’t believe the sheer variation of different magazines that fly off the shelves, I didn’t know of probably the majority of magazines over a year ago, it’s been a learning curve but I’m up to speed now, I just need to get on adding more magazines!


I'm a little obsessed about magazines... as you might be able to tell!
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