Benefits of digital magazines

benefits of digital magazinesCalling all magazine readers! The digital age is upon us and that includes digitized reading material. Did you know that you can instantly download and access hundreds of your favorite magazines online or on your own Smartphone, PC, laptop, iPad or Android gadget? No more going to the newsstand, no more waiting weeks to receive the latest issue, and no more paying newsstand prices! The benefits of digital magazines far outweigh the few perks to holding a print magazine in your hands.

For instance, I bet you weren’t aware that digital magazines have zero impact on the earth. In this day and age, that fact alone is hugely important. Print magazines eat up paper (and, consequently, trees) at an alarming rate, they have to be trucked around the world for delivery which adds more emissions to the atmosphere and the factories they are produced in often use harsh ink and chemicals as well as releasing noxious fumes. Once consumers are aware of these benefits of added speed, reliability, lower cost and environmentally friendly publication processes, they can’t in good conscience continue with harmful print publications.

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