Best magazines for iPad 2 – Your guide to download the top titles!

View our rangeLooking for the best magazines for the iPad 2? You’ve come to the right place. We have hundreds of titles that will work perfectly on your new iPad 2. Follow the link below to see the top iPad 2 magazine available right now, and see what others are downloading. We have a massive list of titles, and adding to them daily. We’re about to have a massive drive to add new products, we just need more hours in the day right now!


All iPad magazines work the same, each digital magazine title will work exactly the same whether used on an iPad 1 or iPad 2, so no worries dear people! It’s all good from where we’re sitting… in fact I’ve just been reading the latest issue of Stuff magazine on my iPad 1, great magazine, highly recommended for anyone with an interest in tech and gadgets!

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