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Digital Magazine SubscriptionsWe have been adding digital magazine subscriptions like crazy this last week, and I hope you can see the difference it has made, was have put them all into better categories, as well as bulking out out range, and adding a link (top right in the nav) to the archives where all the other non featured digital magazines live – go have a look if you haven’t already! How about some photography digital magazines to whet you appetite?

We are now one of the main websites for supplying digital magazine subscriptions, not just to a UK audience, but also to the US market also, you’ll see that when you get to the magazine detail pages, you can check the cost in both US and UK currency, and download the digital mags to your iPad, Mac or PC – some digital magazines are available on all formats, although there are a couple of magazines that aren’t on the iPad just yet, although we have been assured that there will be an iPad alternative pretty soon – please bear with us, we are working as fast as we can to list all the top titles, as soon as the publishers release the magazine we set the web pixies to add it to the site…

If you are looking for a magazine and didn’t see it listed on the site, please get in contact and we will add it, so the next person looking for the magazine subscription can find it!

We don’t just show you the best digital magazine subscriptions, we also offer you single issues, and even free iPad magazines so you can test the format before you buy – but remember that publishers are changing prices quite often, so make sure you sign up for the magazine subscription before it’s too¬† late.



I'm a little obsessed about magazines... as you might be able to tell!
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