Digital magazines are changing the way consumers read magazines

According to new research conducted and released by GfK MRI’s iPanel, digital magazines are changing the way that consumers think about and read magazines. The study shows that readers who are accessing magazines through a Tablet device are more likely to read back issues while they’re at it. In fact, 19% of Tablet users who have read a digital magazine on their Tablet in the last 30 days went on to read a back issue in the same sitting.

Reading digital magazines or their related content is most popular among Tablet owners who can do so using an App. In the 30 days prior to the study, numbers showed that 65% of Tablets owners had done so using an App. To give you a reference point, 47% accessed their digital magazines through the magazine’s website.

Another discovery by this study is the fact that male Tablet owners are a bit more likely to read a digital magazine on their device; 77% of male owners to be exact. 68% of female users showed interest in viewing digital magazines on their Tablets. The sometimes difficult to reach demographic of young men ages 18-34 showed a digital magazine reading interest rate of 85% when it could be accomplished on a Tablet.

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