Digital Magazines – the logical choice for travelling!

top digital magazines for the iPad 2Being able to flick through 10 or 15 magazine subscriptions I have on my iPad whilst siting on a plane is pretty cool, I remember the times when I had 4 or 5 books with me at any one time, with a couple in my hand luggage, heavy and bulky… now, having access to as many as needed with no extra weight, gotta love that. You just can’t beat getting free wifi in the airport, buying a couple of new titles, instantly downloading them and reading them by the time you get to the other end, or throughout your holiday.

Digital magazines have properly changed the way I read on holiday! Some people say they aren’t really suitable for super bright sunlight – but I’d say I’ve used mine in pretty much every position and worked just as well as ever! Even laying on my back in direct sunshine in the tropics, hat and sunnies on, it still worked perfectly – none of this ‘overheating’ I’ve heard rumoured in the past.

Anyway, no excuses – get out there and read. There are some cracking deals on digital magazines on the site at the moment, so head on over and see what you can find!

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