Do the Bright Thing – Less is more! Whole Living Digital Magazine Sept ’12

When it comes to natural makeup, “the less the better” should be for you a golden rule – explained in detail in this months Whole Living Magazine Natural makeup should highlight your qualities and hide imperfections without loading the skin too much. Therefore, avoid iridescent textures and point your attention to the matte. According to Nicolas Degennes, makeup director of Givenchy, in 2012 skin should look more like perfect and “spotless as a white sky.” “Simplicity and discretion” is essential combination for a successful day makeup. So, it is appropriate to use a translucent powder instead of a normal one. The translucent powder serves to set the foundation on the skin and manages to keep the makeup matte effect.

Do the bright thing - makeup explained in this months Whole Living Magazine for iPad and digital edition

The purpose of makeup is to highlight your advantages. Therefore, try to realize a less intensive makeup, with natural colors closer to your skin tone.

Beauty is one of the biggest advantages a woman can have, to emphasize the advantage you need one quality: femininity. And, the best you can highlight your femininity is using natural makeup. This type of makeup can be the best choice for a day of school, work, or why not, a night out with friends. Always choose color that fits you. Therefore, eye shadow must be a natural as possible. Avoid colors that are too big contrast with your skin tone. If there is too much contrast, the basic idea of a makeup day is lost.

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