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There are hundreds of islands in the Caribbean Sea, which is located east off the East coast of U.S. and Central America, extending eastward to the Atlantic Ocean. These Caribbean islands, known as the West Indies took their name from Caribi who were the first inhabitants of the region until the arrival of the Spaniards in 1942.

Most inhabitants of the islands today are descendants of African slaves brought to work on plantations, between the sixteenth century and nineteenth century. The Caribbean is renowned for it’s long sandy beaches, tropical waters and natural harbors, beautiful tropical gardens next to clear warm waters providing ideal conditions coral growth. Some of the volcanic islands of the Caribbean, such as Barbados and the Cayman Islands are border by coral reefs, which protect the island from strong waves. The 700 major islands and 2,300 smaller islands of the Bahamas are built entirely of coral, and can be seen on the bridge that connects Nassau to Paradise Island.

The largest island in the Caribbean is Cuba, a former Spanish colony that became a communist state since 1959. The U.S. hostile policy was to impose a trade embargo, which paralysed the Cuban economy and maintained at farm level. With an annual production of 50 million tonnes, sugar cane is the main product of Cuba. Fertile soil and a warm climate are ideal for growing quality tobacco. Havana cigars are known worldwide and are a resul ​​of at least 5 varieties of tobacco mixture. Cigars are still rolled by hand on long tables wood.

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