Get more fresh vegetables in your diet – Dish Magazine gives some top tips!

Cooking healthy is not a compromise in terms of food taste. It is important to know which the proper foods combinations and tastes are and this way you will discover a wide variety of dishes that you can prepare easily and cheaply. To cook healthy does not mean depriving you of taste and flavoursome food. Just adding healthy ingredients, spices and herbs to your diet will dramatically benefit to your health.

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To cook healthy foods does not mean that all your must be raw or all the meals should be made only from vegetables and fruits. Healthy foods should be a combination of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, whether boiled or prepared in the oven. Use fresh ingredients when cooking and try to choose those natural products without chemicals. Try not to overcook vegetables and fruits, because they can lose a lot of nutrients in the process – when boiling vegetables, boil them 5 minutes and then soak them another 5 minutes in cold water to stop the cooking process.

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