Girl on Fire – Katy Perry in this month’s Elle Magazine for iPad & Digital

After she got out of her marriage with Russell Brand, everyone was watching to see Katy’s next conquest. The press caught her last days in the company of musician John Mayer, but none of them confirmed yet. Those from Elle have asked the singer about love and marriage. Although she went through a divorce, Perry has not lost her faith in love: “I’m a woman who likes to be courted, strongly. Never say never, I guess you’d say,” “I’ll let love take the lead on that.”

Katy Perry in this Elle Magazine September iPad and Digital

She has a rising career and millions of fans, and for many of them is a true model:”I can’t tell a person when it’s time for them to have sex . . . or if they should have a cigarette . . . But I try to live my life with a lot of integrity,” she explains in the issue. “Hopefully, that sends a message.”

Although the star says that everyone is master of his own life, she has to admit that ordinary people tend to copy their favorite celebrities and therefore it is indicated that artists should transmit positive messages.

About her career, Katy said that she loves what she is doing now, and if she has to make a change, will not hesitate to do so.”I love what I do. And when I don’t love what I do, I’ll make a change,” she said. “I can’t be the candy queen forever.”

Katy Perry is one of the greatest singers of these times.H appy songs, but those with motivational messages sends her to the top of the charts but in the hearts of his fans too. Since she broke up with comedian Russell Brand, her repertoire has changed, becoming deeper and charged with accents of sadness.

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