Great iPad and digital magazine subscriptions for students

iPad and digital magazine subscriptions for studentsWith the sometimes overwhelming amount of digital information available, it’s easy for us students to get lost when looking for a digital magazine subscription that we can download to our iPad, iPhone, PC or Android. Whether it’s for researching a paper or just blowing off some steam, our need for digital publications is growing. So I’ve decided to compile a list of my top 5 favorite iPad magazines for students!

1. BBC Wildlife: Looking for a source for that science paper you’re struggling to write? This iPad digital magazine is full of informative articles about wildlife as well as stunning photographs of animals from around the world. You’ll find yourself doing more than research with this one!

2. Management Today: Prepare yourself for after you graduate by getting some insider info on today’s business community. Learn to think like a manager, get tips for maintaining a successful business and much more. Download it to your iPad today!

3. Getaway: After all that studying, you’re sure to need a getaway! This digital publication for your iPad will inspire you to go on an African adventure. Even if you can’t get the time off from school, you can live vicariously through the enthralling articles and beautiful photographs.

4. BBC History: Whether you are a history enthusiast or just need some content for an upcoming term paper, this iPad digital magazine covers the history of the world with in depth articles and lovely illustrations.

5. Computer Arts: Attention digital artists and designers: finally, an iPad magazine that delivers the skills and advice that you’ll need to become the best designer in your school. Move to the head of the class with this digital gem.

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