Harnessing Energy from Waste Water – New Scientist explains, preview inside!

New Scientist Making Energy from waste products preview inside

In today’s preview we take a closer look inside New Scientist Magazine at a recent article highlighting the scientific breakthrough and current research into trying to harness the power of waste water, not through Hydroelectricy but through releasing the energy stored in the microbes of the organic matter held in the waste water. There are masses of untapped energy that could be released – currently the US uses the power equivalent to 4 large power plants per year treating waste water, so being able to reverse this to actually gain energy from this process would be incredible.

Another dream and aim right now is to convert the waste methane into biodegradable plastics, currently this is being achieved by using modified bacteria fed on sugars – if decent biodegradable could be produced efficiently then this could be used in anything from packaging to beauty products, it could be extremely versatile.

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