How do you start an F1 car? F1 Magazine for iPad Explains!

Still waiting for the next part of F1 to start up again after the summer break? Yep, me too – it’s not coming around soon enough. If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to start up a Formula 1 car, then here’s the solution to all your troubles…thanks to the awesome Caterham Team Read the full article (It’s free!) or [View F1 Racing Magazine Price]

How do you start an F1 car? F1 iPad Magazine Explains

1. Pre heat the oil and water Super extreme tolerances mean that everything has to be perfect, and don’t forget to warm the gearbox too above 50c!

2. Check hydraulic pressure Warm the Hydraulics to 50c using the external rig… make sure you have hydraulic pressure that self bleeds.

3. Fine tune the pressure Tune the water pressure to 1.5 bar… use the syringe to achieve correct pressure.

4. Use the starter motor Ready the 24 volt starter motor. The lance of the motor is three feet long, and goes straight into the gearbox

5. Crank the engine Crank the engine until the team are happy, and release kill switch. Allow the electronic control unit to take over. Keep checking hydraulic pressure…check those sensors!

6. Exit the garage Amber light on? You’re ready – fired up, pressures correct, release the umbilical cord, tyre warmers off, put in first gear and head outside.

The practice start Rev the engine to test the clutch, do a rolling bit point “to find where we engage the clutch at 12,000rpm”, monitor the pressures and temperatures…
…feed the power in, deploy KERS and away you go.

Read the full article (It’s free!)

Easy huh?!

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