i Pad 3 – More rumours and interesting stuff!

ipad-3-magazines i Pad 3 is soon to launch to the public market, not long now until the global event that is watching the big reveal – the world waits with baited breath! An interesting video was posted today on Tech crunch, now we all know it’s not real, but as they say – we can all dream right? This is more like something out of a space age movie, hologramatic screens, edge to edge beautiful display together with a laser projected keyboard! Sounds pretty far fetched, but we know this technology is available, juts realistically a long way off for such a mass produced product like the i Pad 3.

Watch the video here at TechCrunch:


I think some of the comments underneath are just taking it a little too seriously…

Back in the real world.. I wonder what the specs will be for the new device?!! Not long now!


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