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It is weekend and this time it is your turn to play the host role for your friends. You are so lucky that your fiends are not the demanding type regarding food, so you can quickly arrange 2-3 plates with sandwiches, salads or crackers and voila, you have solved much of the food problem. But, what do you do with dessert? This is a big problem….

Ice Cream in Food Network Magazine Subscription

Must reconcile many tastes here, children will want a thing; adults will want something different … and do not forget! Tomorrow your grandparents come in visit…. So think carefully about what type of dessert you will serve. Ice Cream! This is the perfect dessert for everyone! It remains only to think how can you combine flavors to create something so special.

We have some ideas for you:
1 – Chocolate Hazelnut ice cream cupcakes – it is an easy to make dessert, takes only 1,5h to finish it and it is a great choice for the kids dessert

2 – Salted Caramel Ice Cream Con Cake – This is a special dessert looks fabulous and tastes simply divine. If you need to impress your audience, you can show off with this masterpiece.

3 – Napolitan Ice Cream Sandwich Cake – we can combine layers of Strawberries, Mint, Pistachio, Vanilla and Chocolate ice cream. Feeling creative and you want to play with colors and flavors? Go with this cake!

And one last suggestion ….. Last but not least.

4 – Coffee-Coconut Ice Cream Bombe it is a special dessert for people with fine taste. An exotic combination of fine tastes like Coconut, vanilla, coffee and splash of bourbon.

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