IceCream or Gelatto? What is the difference? Chateline Explains!

Ice cream and Gelatto share common characteristics: both are cold, sweet, tasty, dairy based. There are some also some differences between ice cream and gelato in terms of type and quality … If you want to distinguish the authentic Gelatto from the Ice cream prepared industrially, primarily you nee to pay attention to the color: the craft one –gelatto- has a paler color, more natural, as opposed to other, often have striking colors: pink, green or blue (Chemical usually)

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Gelatto, unlike Ice cream, is served cold, but not frozen, and is recommended to be served fresh, immediately after being prepared, because if you expose it to negative temperatures will spoil the aroma and taste.

The most popular flavors, especially in summer, are the the fruit ones: limone , fragola , melone , frutti di bosco in competition with traditional flavors such as : fior de latte, stracciatella , pistacchio , amarena , amaretto, bacio , biscotti or croccantino al rum. Gelatto remains a standard of perfection accompanied by the feeling that a portion is always too small …
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