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With the new iPad 2 just launched, all iPad magazines will continue to work in the same way, so no need to worry. Rest assured that you can find plenty of awesome magazines here & download straight to your iPad. All magazines suitable for iPad 1 and iPad 2. Here is a list of the top few iPad magazine available, but to view the full range click here!

ipad 2 magazinesThe new iPad 2 is looking good so far, much thinner – in fact 33% thinner as far as I can tell, which will cut around 10% off the total weight of the new iPad, so less hand fatigue from reading magazines! The new iPad comes with a faster dual core processor which will make for faster switching between apps, as well as making the user experience for reading magazines much better in my opinion, it will render page to page much more quickly, and loading image heavy pages will be much more efficient. There is going to be a choice of ipad covers in black and white which is pretty cool, which will allow you to make yours look much more personal, a great way of Apple to add more revenue from accessories – so fair play to them. Am looking forward to getting my hands on a new iPad 2, so I can see from hands on experience if the new upgrades make significant improvements for when reading iPad magazine subscriptions – can’t wait to see what it’s like!

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