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ipad-3-magazinesNew iPad 3 Magazines & iPad 3 Rumours – So many rumors are swirling around the impending release of the iPad 3, no one is sure which ones can be believed. We have it from a trustworthy source that the iPad 3 will likely use a quad core ARM based processor called the Apple A6. Supposedly these processors will be manufactured by Samsung. As for the display, a rumor we sure hope is true is that the Apple iPad 3 will have a double resolution display similar to the Retina Display on the iPhone 4 and 4S. Along with the increased number of pixels, we may even see some sort of LED lightbar to counteract the brightness that a high pixel density can sometimes cause.

We’ve also heard that the new iPad could feature an eight megapixel rear mounted snapper and improved camera optics. The storage model is rumored to be increasing to 128GB and additional graphics processing will allow videos to begin playback almost instantly. Finally, if you’re in America you may benefit from high speed 4G LTE connection options like those used for 4G smartphones. Overall, if even half of the rumors are true, we just know we’re going to love the Apple iPad 3!

Whatever the specifications are for the new iPad 3, rest assured you’ll still have our full massive selection of iPad 3 magazines ready for viewing on your awesome new ‘pad – get reading!

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