iPad Magazines for long distance travel

ipad 2 magazinesI’ve recently been in a position where I have had to do a great deal of travel, so having my iPad with me, and being able to read on the move has been excellent. I’ve found that the ipad has plenty enough battery juice to last a long haul flight across the Pacific and beyond, and managing to charge it up again in the airports is never a problem. Since getting to my destination I can just walk to a WIFI place, grab a coffee and wait for my new digital edition of my subscribed magazines to download straight to my iPad – ready for me to sit offline for another couple of weeks and gradually get through all the magazines, pages and blog posts I regularly download.

This site certainly helps trying to find a iPad magazines if you are looking for inspiration, with lots on offer you are sure to find something that takes your fancy!


I'm a little obsessed about magazines... as you might be able to tell!
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