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Kindle MagazinesAmazon’s Kindle is the answer to a growing demand for accessing electronic media. This eReader is capable of downloading, displaying, saving and sharing all of your favorite Kindle digital magazine subscriptions. From The Economist to Harvard Business Review, our growing list of Kindle magazine titles can be viewed on your Kindle device (some in full color!). Even those who don’t own a Kindle now have the opportunity to download the same technology in order to view digital magazines online. This Kindle software allows users to read their Kindle subscriptions on a PC or laptop.

Did you also know that Kindle magazines can be read out loud to you? Now no matter what you’re doing—driving, housework, exercising, etc.—you can be listening to your favorite digital magazines being read to you. The main advantages of Kindle magazines over iPad publications is that your digital subscriptions on the Kindle can be read in direct sunlight, it won’t overheat, it has an extremely long battery life and it is lightweight and portable. Keep popping back in to see what new Kindle magazine titles we’re adding each day!

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