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Worshiped by the public and loved by many Hollywood divas, Matthew McConaughey could easily be a playboy. But like a true gentleman, he is more concerned about his career, sports and family. Maybe that’s why Dolce & Gabbana chose him to represent the fragrance “The One Gentleman” After he drew a lot of criticism and disapproval playing romantic comedies like “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past,” “Fool’s Gold” and “The Wedding Planner”, in 2011 the Texan Matthew McConaughey is back to grace because of the police thriller “The Lincoln Lawyer”.

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He demonstrates once again that he is able to deliver credible benefits every time he puts on his elegant suit as he did it before in thriller “A Time to Kill” back in 1996 Matthew McConaughey is so excited about the opportunity to re-enter the skin of the unorthodox lawyer Mick Haller (who earn his cases without having to leave the back seat of his Lincoln car, whilst defending only doubtful clients). It is getting written right now but it should be on more of a fast track. Let’s get this on, man.” said Matthew McConaughey in an interview granted to journalists at TotalFilm.

The actor revealed that he was surprised by the positive criticism and the appreciation of the film “Advocate of the limousine” : ” There’s a lot of times that critics have written the review before they’ve seen the frickin’ movie. They’ve written the review on me before they’ve seen it – maybe the critic doesn’t like me.”

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