Milla Jovovich talks about her new film – Resident Evil. Retribution

This month in Flare magazine we take a look at the fabulous Milla Jovovich. Not only does she feature in high octane action movies, appearing in commercials, composes music and fashion designs but is also a devoted mother to her five year old daughter, Ever.

MILLA JOVOVICH in the digital Flare Magazine this month

When she is not on screen as a hero zombie in Resident Evil or the red head heroine saving the world in The Fifth Element, Milla finds happiness in her daughter (Ever, 4 year old), her husband (director Paul WS Anderson) and an impressive collection of books …

“My regular life today is reading books, making dolls houses, sewing dolls with my daughter and barbequing.”

Now Milla Jovovic is on tour to promote the fifth production of “Resident Evil. Retribution”, where the action will take place in Moscow. The new production, which had a budget of $ 65 million, has already gained over $75 million, of which, $50 million is from outside the United States. In addition, we have to mention that in many countries, the film is not been released yet!

Milla Jovovich has proved a real muse for her third husband, the film director and screenwriter Paul WS Anderson. The Soviet Ukraine born actress, now 36, has revealed that many scenes in “Resident Evil” exists due to bad dreams she has had:

“I have a lot of zombie nightmares, Work has permeated my consciousness. I don’t even like scary movies, but I’ve lived for ten years inside this world of horror images.”

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