More and more magazine titles start adding a digital option

digital magazinesI cannot believe the sheer amount of digital versions of magazines have been added to the global market over the last year, it’s gone insane. Quite literally thousands of top magazines titles have jumped on getting a digital edition as fast as possible. Not every magazine has a ‘better than print’ version, a fair amount of the smaller publishers opting for more of a ‘pdf’ style of magazine, which is nothing as compared to the likes of Wired, National Geographic et al, who all offer amazing interactive, polished and quick loading content wherever possible.

What the next 2 years hold in the realm of digital publications I do not know, but there will suddenly be a large amount of companies offering ‘print to digital’ magazine services, allowing a quick and painless way of converting to the new digital format which can be displayed on all devices. Looking at Google’s search results for “digital magazines”, this time last year it was mostly the big online digital magazine sellers on the list, now however we are seeing more and more publishers and magazine creators on that list, which is certainly an incredibly accurate sign of what is happening in the market place at the moment in my opinion.

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