More than 40 tablets for Android flood the market

Android magazinesMore than 40 tablets for the Android running three significantly different operating systems (OS) have flooded the market (with no end in sight) prompting digital publishers to get creative when it comes to designing digital magazines. At the beginning of the tablet boom publishers quickly learned that reformatting their magazines for the digital world was more expensive and time consuming than previously thought. With the Android devices split between three different OS versions, the Android market is not able to grow at the same speed as iPad.

Because the different versions of OS for Android are not compatible with one another, publishers are faced with the difficult decision of either making different digital magazines for each of the three versions in order to utilize the different strengths of each specific OS, or of manufacturing one generic version that can be used on all three operating systems, but that isn’t able to take full advantage of each version’s unique capabilities. Unfortunately the latter is what we’ve seen happening, resulting in generic Android magazines that just can’t stand up against the custom designed, interactive and engaging digital magazines available for the iPad.


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