My top magazine reading list for the last few months

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favourite digital magazinesI thought I’d just take a minute and have a look over the last few magazines I have been reading on my iPad over the last few months, I have a fair few subscriptions as well as single issues, so just thought I share what I had been up to.

Without fail, the first magazine I go to everytime I have moment of spare reading time is New Scientist – I’ve had this subscription on my iPad for about the last 5 months, it’s a weekly title – about 30/40 pages, so plenty enough for dipping into, or reading cover to cover each week without too much time involved. New Scientist is my top favourite digital magazine because it offers a glimpse into modern and breaking science, without you needing to be a super clever scientist – although a hello of a lot more involved than ‘Popular Science’ it’s well worth a read. Personally I’m not a fan of Popular Science magazine, as it’s written very simply, and covers mainstream technology and science – I prefer a bit more of an academic and in depth approach – exactly what New Scientist offers. It’s a great value weekly magazine – I used to have a print subscription, which was over £150 a year, but getting a digital subscription you save mega amounts. Perfect.

Another title I read every month is National Geographic an all time favourite, and as of the last time I checked it was only about $16-20 for an entire years worth of subscription – which is awesome. I read that without fail each month, the photography is just stunning. Highly recommended. National Geographic does offer interactive content, such as embedded videos, timelines and other content, which really does make the articles pop off the iPad.

So there you go – my top magazines I’ve been reading on my iPad over the last few months.
Have a great weekend!

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