Rumours about the new iPad 7″ – Even better for magazines?

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The new iPadRumours about the a new iPad have just hit the columns, industry news is starting to talk about the possibility of a new iPad, just a little bit smaller – at roughly seven inches. This could be an excellent idea, for many reasons. As much as I do love reading magazines on the iPad, sometimes there is no doubt it can feel heavy and cumbersome. Although I have found a few ways to deal with this, there is no doubt that reading on a smaller version of the iPad could be quite good. Perhaps this is aimed at the people who would rather buy a Kindle, even just because of the weight saving. Kindle is excellent in it’s field, reading in bright sunshine, months worth of battery use, and the sheer lightweight of the device is very appealing, but not having a lovely glossy full colour screen is such a downside in my opinion.

So perhaps the 7″ ipad is the perfect product for the middle ground, I certainly can’t wait to see and feel one, there is no reason that it shouldn’t be as good as the normal sized iPad for standard reading.

For reading comics and large books that require lots of screen size, then perhaps the bigger iPad is better, certainly the magazines that I have been reading on my iPad I would much prefer the larger screen.

let me know your opinion, can’t wait to see images of the new ipad – gotta love rumours!

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