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New Scientist iPad SubscriptionNew Scientist iPad Subscription is now one of our favourite magazines, and one of our most downloaded op titles here at Find Digital Magazines,Check Digital Magazine Price UK GBP Sterling
Check Digital Magazine Price US Dollar we constantly get great feedback from our readers, and I personally have a full New Scientist iPad Subscription on my device right this second, I used to have a normal printed sub, but since owning iPads it’s never been easier to keep up to date with my favourite title. I know I sound biased, but this magazine was one of the first printed subs I eve bought, and WAS the first digital subscription I bought when I first got my tablet! I’ve been reading it for years now, personally I love that it’s a weekly edition, just enough to read in a couple of hours on the commute home, but not too much so that you end up only reading half the articles.

New Scientist iPad Subscription

Whether you are an avid science nut, or just a hobbyist, casual observer like me – it’ll be totally up your street. It’s easy to understand, and if you want more information they always give you URLS to follow to keep up with the research.

New Scientist iPad Subscription seems to be cheaper now than it ever has been, and we can tell that my the number of new subscribers each week – it’s one of those magazine that we really love to shout about, trying to get more people enthused about science has got to be a good thing, rather than us wanting to push celebrity pap, or topical xfactor rubbish. Get into science today and learn something worthwhile.

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