New Yorker: Annual iPad app subscriptions climb to over 20,000

The New Yorker has taken a popular and unique approach to creating their digital magazine version; an approach that has helped their number of annual iPad app subscriptions climb to over 20,000. At $59.99 per subscription, those numbers quickly add up. In addition to those figures, there are an estimated 5,000 subscribers who buy one iPad issue at a time for $4.99 each. This new approach entails actually reducing the number of interactive gimmicks and fancy transitions that so many other iPad magazines are using to draw readers.

As we can see by the numbers, it’s working. Pamela Maffei McCarthy, Deputy Editor for The New Yorker, is at the forefront of offering this app with a focus on bringing readers The New Yorker in a simple, clear and highly readable way. She wants subscribers to be reading articles because they are informative and well written, not because they are using the digital gimmicks that other magazines rely on to keep readers entertained. Readers say they have always been loyal to the magazine because of its world renowned editorials, so with an app that sticks to that high standard of excellence, it’s no wonder The New Yorker has become more popular than any of Conde Nast’s other iPad magazines.

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