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US Weekly Digital Magazine

Morning all, I just thought I’d write a quick early morning blog post about our top three featured digital magazines of the week. As you know, we like to find the best three magazines and feature them in pride of position on the homepage of our site, there are a few factors that determine this:

Key factors:
1. I see them being read around the office
2. I hear about them, see references to them in our twitter feed
3. I see they are selling particularly well this week
4. They are turning up in a lot of searches
5. I bleedin well wanna see them up there!

There is a provisional 6, which is that sometimes I might feature a magazine that doesn’t ordinarily get a lot of search traffic and perhaps I want to see what happens when it’s placed in front of the visitors… interesting stats can be found this way!

So, this week we find the following titles, which you can download on pretty much all devices as digital magazines, such as straight to your iPad, Mac, Pc, Android, other tablet, other phone – I remember when I only used to list iPad, Mac and PC, if I had to list ALL the devices you can read digital magazines on now I think I’d go spare. There are hundreds now, which is pretty awesome! (Just not to write in a big long list)

First up this week is the one and only New Scientist. If I’m honest I’d say this magazines is on teh feature list an awful lot of the time, I think it’s my duty to try and make as many people as possible read this magazine as it’s just an all round winner. Read it.

Living Etc is the next magazine on the list, pretty great if you love your home interiors and house design, always great articles, awesome pictures and the whole magazine is always laid out / typefaced very nicely. Highly recommended and I know this one is a popular magazine.

Finally – it’s the womens favourite US Weekly… I don’t know a lot about this magazine other than every single person seems to read it – so I should probably take that as a sign that it’s probably a worthwhile read? I’ll let you decide…

Have a good day!

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