Playing the Palace & fighting for rights – Sophia Bush speaks to Emmy Magazine

Known as fighter for sexual minority’s rights, Sophia Bush reacted when lawyers in Tennessee proposed that it would prohibit talk about homosexuality among both teachers and the students.

“Tennessee has banned the word ‘gay’ or any discussion of homosexuality from schools – So what are the Lgbt (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) kids gonna to do? Feel more alone?… I am sickened that we live in a world where such blatant hate can become law”

Sophia Bush in this month's Emmy iPad Digital Magazine

The actress known for her role as Brooke Davis on One Tree Hill will play a leading role in a new CBS comedy, Partners, a show about two architects … Charlie is heterosexual and Louis is gay, and their friendship and working relationship is tested when Charlie asks his girlfriend to marry him.

Sophia will play Ali, Charlie’s girlfriend. The actress confirmed the news saying:

“Flowers from the creators of my new show. Seriously!? So classy. Swoon. I may or may not be crying. (I am. I am crying.) My heart is so full of love”

And you may be wondering at this point, what will happen to “One Tree Hill”. Seems that Sophia has made ​the list of priorities and if this show will get an eighth season it will remain in distribution, declining role in comedy “Southern Discomfort”.

Fun Fact: She caused great a stir in Hollywood after she said that Barack Obama is the only man in her life, besides her personal trainer.

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