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50 years ago, on October 5, 1962, the public meet for the first time Agent 007, who was to become the most loved spy of all time. Sean Connery was the first actor who gave life to James Bond in ‘Dr. No’. This epic start launched the longest film series in film history. Half a century ago, moviegoers around the world heard the first time the famous line ‘Bond, James Bond’

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The film was a huge success and with each new sequel the public became more and more dependent on 007. In total, the 22 films to date have grossed over $ 5 billion. Played by six actors over time, Bond has fought 198 villains. Bond Fact! The adoration of fans kept him alive, who probably helped Bond escape an assassination attempt nearly 5,000 times. Maybe in another 50 years, His Majesty’s favourite spy will reach centenary celebrations. The Bond ‘character’ has always had a penchant for sports cars, beautiful women, high-tech gadgets and vodka-martini, which he prefers, of course – ‘Shaken, not stirred’.

On October 23 in London, will be released the 23th film in the series, entitled ‘Skyfall’ which interprets Daniel Craig for the third time as agent James Bond. Characterised by an even more muscular James Bond, Daniel Craig’s impressive contrast with the character played by Roger Moore (more ‘playful’) and previously played by Sean Connery (more ‘macho’). Starting with ‘Dr. No’ and to ‘Quantum of Solace’ James Bond had around him a number of powerful and extremely attractive women. All six actors who have played Bond had the most beautiful women in the respective periods such as Kim Basinger, Jane Seymour, Ursula Andress, Blackman Honer, Denise Richards, Sophie Marceau, Teri Hatcher, Shirly Eaton, Halle Berry, Eva Green are just some of the women who were with Bond over recent time..

Between the passion and danger, between the irresistible action and almost the impossible mission, James Bond (Daniel Craig) returns in a new production under the code name Skyfall, alongside the new Bond Girl Severine (Berenice Marlohe) who is not only a beautiful woman, but has the courage of one who will not hesitate at any time to join James Bond’s mission against Raoul Silva (Javier Bardem).

We’re looking forward to it, in fact we’re counting down the days!

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