Read digital magazines!

read digital magazinesThe question isn’t why should you read digital magazines instead of print ones; it’s why shouldn’t you read digital magazines over print editions?? They are significantly cheaper, faster, more convenient, capable of being shared, better for the environment and are virtually indestructible. They include extras such as embedded videos, hyperlinks, VIP access to subscriber-only areas of websites, contests, prizes, sound effects and much more.

Devices such as the iPad, Android, Kindle, smart phones and more allow you to read digital magazines on the go, anywhere in the world. If you have trouble remembering to download new issues each time period, simply set up automatic downloads and your subscription will be delivered to you as soon as each new issue becomes available, often weeks before you would receive your new issue of a print magazine!

As if all of that wasn’t enough to sway you, digital magazines take up no space on your bookshelves gathering dust like all those old copies of National Geographic and Popular Mechanics you have laying around. You can collect them, save them all and carry around your entire collection of digital magazines in one of the devices you already carry. So read digital magazines; it’s the only economical, lightweight, environmentally friendly decision.

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