Sensational Sofia Vergara interview in Esquire this month!

Always a spectacular appearance on the red carpet, Sofia Vergara is always a sensation whenever participating in a social event. Whether she is wearing a daring dress, or a short one that shows off more than expected.. Sofia always wears with pride and good taste. She may well be now 40 years old, but when it comes to silhouette and appearance she can compete with many young actresses.

Sofia Vergara in Esquire Magazine this Month

According to Forbes she is the star who has got one the biggest income; according to the magazine popular business magazine earned $19 million last year, more than any other female star in the TV industry. The 40 year old actress was born into a farming family in Colombia. In addition to personal income, the media company that she founded in 1996 – LatinWE, made in 2011 U.S. $ 27 million in net profit from services. Things have now stabilized her life, but the situation was not always so. While struggling to become famous in the United States Vergara has faced two hard challenges; at only 30 years she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, and a few years earlier her brother was killed in the streets of Bogota. Protected by her status as public favorite (especially the men) Vergara realized that fame and financial stability cannot keep her out of trouble: one of her other brothers was deported to Colombia after ten years from drug problems..

According to AskMen website, Sofia Vergara is on the first place of the most 99 desired women in the world in 2012. This site, written by men carefully selected nearly one hundred women, and this beautiful Colombian was propelled on the top by the male audience who love to see the award-winning lady play Gloria in Modern Family series “I am so honored to be AskMen’s most desired woman this year. A big thank you to all the men who desire me” said Sofia.

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