T3 Magazine iPad subscription, Buy today! A top ten seller this month!

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T3 magazine ipad subscriptionGreat to see the T3 magazine iPad edition fly off the shelves this month, it’s popped up on our radar as one of the top downloaded digital magazines for the iPad and iPad 2 to date, I’ve not read the last couple of issues but this sudden surge of online sales has me downloading it to my iPad as we speak.. I’ve read T3 magazine in the past but not for a while, so looking forward to seeing what it has in-store this time around. I guess it’s a logical choice, if youCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP Sterling
Check Digital Magazine Price US Dollar have an iPad you’re probably interested in gadgets and new shiny tech, so in turn probably means you’re interested in all top magazine subscription available for the gadget lover… enter T3 magazine.. mystery solved! This magazine has been flying off the shelves in printed form since 1996, if you can remember back that far, what tech were you buying in 1996.. I shudder to think what I was buying! Anyway, for all those of you who haven’t tried this magazine, I suggest, by the sheer number of sales this week you need to grab your iPad edition of T3 magazine whilst it’s still available… and super cheap!

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