Take a walk in the beautiful Denari Park, in Alaska Magazine this Month

This month in Alaska magazine takes a look at the incredible wilderness of the Denali National Park, and admires the beauty of Alaska in Autumn.

Explore Alaska this month and visit Denari Park - Alaska iPad Magazine Subscription

Although there are not established borders to divide Alaska, it is accepted that Alaska contains six delimited regions; the south-central, south-eastern interior, south-west, north and Aleutiene Islands. The most significant region is represented by the inner region which is almost uninhabited apart from ‘Fairbanks’ which is one of the only human settlements of significant size.

In Native Athabaskan language, Denali means “the high”, making reference to the a large mountain in this area. The Denali National Park size is 24.500 km², and the habitat consists of mixed forests and taiga at the lower altitudes, tundra and glaciers at the average heights and snow and rocks in the upper parts at the high altitudes.

In this part of Alaska, [Denali] there is a variety of birds and mammals including quite large populations of grizzly and black bears as well as large populations of deer roaming the entire park. Despite human intervention in the area, populations of gray wolves were able to become established here in Denali.

The Denali National Park is also a vast conservation area with the rank of a ‘Biosphere Reserve’ and also where you can find the highest mountain in North America, McKinley, an abrupt colossus, whose peaks covered by snow and ice rises up to 6200m. This majestic mountain crowns the 1,000 km of mountain chain that crosses Alaska and acts as a real barrier, right in the way of the humid air masses coming from the Pacific Ocean. A wonderful place to explore, I hope this gives you a taste of what you could find.

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