Talk to me! Talking to Dolphins in this month’s preview of Outside Magazine

For 27 years, the marine biologist Denise Herzing and her team studied a group of 200 dolphins living near the Bahamas. During these years, they tried to decode the dolphin’s language; they even created a system of communication with them. Understanding the relations between the members of dolphins group, this is the key to the deciphering what is whistling and other signals made ​​by them.

Outside iPad Magazine Subscription Preview September 2012

“The large goal of this project is to tell the story of what it’s like to be a dolphin” said Herzing, a researcher at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, founder and head of the ‘Wild Dolphin’. Because they are a curious and intelligent species, dolphins were not satisfied just to let scientists to film and record the sounds they produce. Dolphins are known to have sophisticated brains. They have a complex social structure in which they form alliances. When dolphins are trained, they have the ability “to talk” by sounds.

“This particular group seems to be curious about us, probably because we’re in the water analyzing them.”

Herzing continued to refine the technology to communicate with dolphins. The prototype uses an underwater keyboard and other items, such as balls and scarves, which were labeled with different symbols and sounds associated with dolphins. “The idea is ‘how do you recognize intelligence?’ That’s why people test dolphins and primates in captivity, to try to measure their cognitive skills, their abilities, how they use their minds,” Herzing said…

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