Best iPad Magazines – See the best 5 iPad magazines you can buy right now!

Best iPad Magazines right nowBest iPad magazines – See the best iPad magazines you can buy right now!

If you’re looking for the best iPad magazine available right now hopefully we can point you in the right direction… here is a top ten list of some of our favourite ipad magazine subscriptions over the last year, taking into account both men’s and women’s magazines and a lot of niche categories.. hopefully you will agree with our selection of digital magazines.

New Scientist iPad Magazine

New Scientist Magazine – iPad, Android, Mac & PC Digital Subscription. A great magazine for people with even a vague interest in science, featuring great articles for all knowledge levels of reader. We love this magazine and it’s the magazine I read first every month! Read More

Men's Health iPad Digital Magazine

Men’s Health iPad Digital Magazine – Men’s Health Magazine is great for any man, regardless of age. Helping you look better, eat better and feel better, this magazine is great for everyone. Read More

Ok Magazine iPad Digital Subscription and Download

OK Magazine Subscription – Everyone knows OK! Magazine, definitely a favourite over here! One of the top iPad magazines in the Women’s category, so how can you go wrong getting a cheap subscription to OK! Read More

Hello Digital Magazine

Hello Digital Magazine – Hello magazine is another top women’s iPad magazine, certainly one of the most downloaded titles here at FDM! A consistently popular title for women of all ages. Read More

Mac User Digital Magazine

Mac User Digital Magazine – There is no doubt a large proportion of iPad users are techies, and usually Mac fans, so Mac User magazine lends it self to being some of the most downloaded titles available right now to download straight to your iPad. Learn more about Mac equipment. Read More

Hopefully you like our top five list of the best iPad magazines right now, we’ve taken them from all areas so hopefully you’ve at least one you like. We love reading magazines on our devices, most of us have iPads, but Android magazines are slowly creeping up in the sidelines… will be interesting to see when we start selling more Android magazines than iPad magazines, what do you think?!


I'm a little obsessed about magazines... as you might be able to tell!
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