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Ever wondered what a ‘light beer’ actually is, and what makes it different to a regular beer? Or if you ever wondered why Budweiser is called ‘Bud’ in one country and ‘Budweiser’ in others? This month in Mental_Floss magazine they take a look behind the scenes of the art and the history of creating light beer, and how it has taken the world by storm.

Light Beer Explained in Mental Floss Magazine for iPad and Digital Editions

Light beer was initially targeted as a lower calorie, less alcoholic beer – but what is the real truth? has this beer actually proved to be a hit with all demographics? Together with the increcibldy detailed and stuctureed brewing process with a different and interesting marketing strategy, light beer has certainly become a beer to both enjoy and perhaps even to invest in?!

Interested in knowing more? You can read the entire article in full for free in this month’s Mental_Floss magazines, which you can now download to your iPad, Android, iOS device or most probably dorect to your Mac or PC desktop computer. It’s all good!

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