The voluptuous Kate Upton – The most searched for model

She is voluptuous and doesn’t enter the category of model with perfect 36″-24″-36″ shape. However, she has been featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition – which obviously means that a large proportion of men consider her extremely hot…

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Kate Upton can brag about her voluptuous forms, but not needing to about having a super thin waist. As a model, aged 19 she didn’t have that ‘must have’ hourglass shaped body ‘considered ideal’ it certainly didn’t stop her modeling career. They consider her one of the sexiest women of the moment.

She was called fat and vulgar, and she was criticised by Victoria ‘s Secret, labeled an “obvious” escort, but model Kate Upton defies critics and the fashion industry, and currently makes millions of pounds showing her body in a bikini. The supermodel used social media to stand out rather than using the typical model agency; she has no plans to give up on her silhouette.

Recently, she was named the owner of the most appetising posterior in showbiz after a survey of the The Sun tabloid paper. Kate Upton recently shocked the world when she said she actually wanted smaller breasts. Fortunately, it’s just a joke; she knows very well how much they owe her.. her form has helped her to reach an all time record time among the most searched models online and a true internet sensation.

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