The Washington Post launches the new digital magazine Post Politics

washington postThe debate between Republican candidates continues. With the 2012 Presidential Election coming up in November, candidates are working hard to sway the public’s vote. The Washington Post has launched a monthly magazine for the Apple iPad called Post Politics in an attempt to keep up with the political circus as well as other major political news around the US.

Post Politics aims to bring interactive news to readers that will help uncover the truth behind the “double talking” of candidates that’s so prevalent in Presidential elections. Readers will find informative articles that more deeply explore the truth behind the rhetoric so they can make more informed decisions come voting time. This iPad magazine will utilize videos and graphs to show how the candidates’ standpoints on important issues have gone back and forth over time; something that The Washington Post wouldn’t be able to put in print, but that will showcase the iPad’s suitability for sharing sensitive information.

Post Politics will also keep readers up to date on poll results by state, election results both past and present, maps, blogs, and archived election coverage going back 100+ years. This app will be a free download, as is some of its content, but for a monthly subscription that includes premium content it will be $2.99 a month.

This new app has shown other Apple iPad publications some really strong new ways to cover the 2012 election so that readers and voters will be able to make more informed decisions when voting this November. Although this is only the beginning, we can expect to see more and more publications harnessing this technology to disseminate previously hidden information to the public in growing numbers in the upcoming years.


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