This week in iPad news, time for the iPad 2 – Will I buy it?

My iPadSo here we are, it seems like only a few days ago the iPad came out, and now here is the second version of the incredibly popular device which took the world by storm. I bought the first iPad as quickly as I could, and it changed the way I read content online forever. Take for instance my subscription to 200+ RSS feeds, I used to head over to the web version of Google reader and sit for hours ploughing my way through them every few days, I loved the interface, and loved the fact I could follow a load of websites from one place without needing to go the websites themselves. Cracking.

The same as everyone else, I have twitter feeds, facebook feeds and a few other networking sites that I liked to keep up with, as well as reading the odd ebook, but at that time, no digital magazines.

So then along came the iPad, I had convinced myself I would get it to help streamline my business when out of the office, without the weight of my laptop, I’d also wanted it to be able to show off my photographs and use it as a little portfolio – all which is achieved with bells on. The revelation happened when I stumbled across my first iPad magazine, I can’t remember how I found it or why, but it changed my thinking. It worked so well, fast, clean, colourful and crisp and cheaper than the printed version.

I then started looking around for more magazines in Google and really couldn’t find anywhere selling iPad magazines, which as you know led me to create this website which has tried to get some of the best top titles in an easy to follow website, rather than the mammoth sites of some of the suppliers.

As I delved into iPad magazines, my appetite grew, downloading more and more titles and spending far more than I ever had done before, but the idea of sitting on the bus, train, plane and reading a magazine of choice without the weight and bulk was awesome. Once I added my twitter and facebook feeds into the mix, and using a great blog reader called Newsrack, I was able to have full control of all of my news and feeds in one place, everywhere I went.

So now comes along the iPad 2, faster, lighter and more productive – will I get one? For sure, but I think i’ll wait a few months in case there are any problems with the launch, and to be honest the original iPad is more than enough for me at the moment. I’m sure I’ll buy one anyway, I’m weak.


I'm a little obsessed about magazines... as you might be able to tell!
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