Top 10 digital magazines for men (iPad & Android magazines too!)

Top 10 digital magazines and ipad magazines for menDigital magazines that can be downloaded to your iPhone, Android or iPad have come a long way. It is now possible to find a digital subscription to a magazine specializing in everything from hiking or boating to fitness or style. Here’s a list of the top 10 digital magazines for men. A complete index can be found in our Men’s section.

1. Gentlemen’s Quarterly (GQ): GQ has long been a favorite among savvy, fashion conscious men. And now it’s available in a digital format!

2. Men’s Fitness: This digital magazine is perfect for open-minded, health conscious readers that are looking to balance physical fitness with emotional and mental fitness.

3. Popular Science: An informative science and technology driven digital magazine that will keep you abreast of the latest scientific advancements.

4. Total Guitar: A must have for any beginner to intermediate guitarist looking for online tablature, interviews with musicians and gear reviews.

5. Stuff: This digital magazine is the best selling gadget publication in the world. If you love everything tech, you’ll love Stuff magazine!

6. Maxim: Are you interested in hot women, fast cars, cool gadgets, sports, hot women, witty articles and hot women? Then this digital magazine is for you.

7. Playboy: Who could forget Playboy? Now available as a digital subscription so you can discreetly carry your favorite Playmate with you at all times.

8. Motor Trend: Cars, cars and more cars! This digital magazine will inform and entertain the car enthusiast.

9. Golf Monthly: This digital magazine boasts that it’s the “real voice of golf.” We aren’t disputing that! Keep up to date on the latest golfing news and instruction.

10. Runners World: Be inspired and motivated to run with this digital magazine subscription. Now you’ll always have up to date info on fitness, diet, health and performance.


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